Sneak peak on the summer's styles

It´s not the most wonderful time of the year at the moment here in Sweden. Maybe up north if you like to ski or skate, but further south it´s just an in between season right now. So, let´s dream a little about spring and summer to come!

 When you work with fashion, as we do, you´re always one step ahead. Visiting fairs for inspiration and to find new interesting materials for new styles. One year ahead, we plan for the upcoming collection clogs, sandals and boots. We choose leather, different styles of soles and checking up on trends. We produce sample clogs to be sure about the fit and design, and we may do some rectifications if necessary. Input from customers is also an important part in our work on new styles. Accuracy is essential. We do not compromise on quality and comfort and our signum is comfortable, stylish and sustainable clogs.

 Until spring arrives let´s keep it up with some dreamy pictures of some new summer season styles from Calou Stockholm.  Soon you can "pre order " your favorite!