Happy Valentine´s day

On February 14, we celebrate love and friendship, by exchanging cards, flowers, candy or other gifts. In France, there is actually a whole village that transform itself to a hub for love and romance. In the village of Saint-Valentine they decorate their homes, parks and trees with roses and cards . With less than 400 inhabitants, the village have visitors from all over the world, especially during Valentine´s!

In South Korea they celebrate the day of love on the 14th of each month.  It seems like they just can´t get enough! They have “The day of roses” in May, “The day of kisses” in June and “The day of hugs” in December.

In Ghana, February 14 is the “National Chocolate Day.” The country is among the largest cocoa-producing countries in the world, so that seems logic! The day is celebrated with performances, music events, and special menus at the restaurants. Bulgaria, on the other hand – celebrates “The day of winemakers” on February 14, and people celebrate their love with a glass of local wine.

By the way - did you know there´s a belief that the romance, associated with Valentine’s Day may spring from the medieval belief that birds select their mates on February 14?!