Ellen Petersson has 16 pairs of Calou.

Meet one of our most regular customers.

I started wearing clogs as a child approximately at 18 months old. My first pair of Swedish clogs were given to me by my Farmor and Farfar while I was in Småland, Sweden for Christmas 1964 with my Mom and Dad.  They are white with a wooden sole. They also gave me black ones to wear as well!  I think that I wore clogs because they were easy to slip on and off and also because they were a gift from my Grandparents.  I also remember that every year we would trace our feet and send our foot size in the mail so that my Grandparents could buy bigger clogs for my younger brother, sister and I when they would come and visit see us in Canada or when we would visit them in Småland during the summer.  We had all kinds of designs and colours.  I wear clogs because of the comfort and the style.  I love the look and the connection to Sweden. 

 What is the best about your Calou´s?

 I fell in love with Calou Stockholm during a visit to Sweden in the summer of 2012, I purchase my first Calou’s …Black Knyta and Beige Gabriella at Ebbe’s Butik in Malmö. 

I love the shape of my Calou’s and the wider rounded toe.  The soft cushioned sole makes the shoes so comfy!  I wore my Gabriella’s every day until I wore a hole in the toe(and still wear them around home)…Calou’s have amazing comfort and look so great with everything! I have purchased several pairs of Calou’s and often get asked by complete strangers where I purchased my beautiful shoes…the style and design speak for themselves…they are so classy, comfy and it’s so easy to spend the day in these wonderful shoes.  I love the slip-ons and the shoes with straps, ribbons and bows…the lower heel shoes and the higher heel shoes…all super comfy…the Doris boot is also a favourite…hmmmm…so many…all fav’s! I have

 When do you wear them?

 I wear them all the time…they are my shoe of choice…much like a favourite sweater or favourite pair of jeans…. I teach Kindergarten students and can spend all day on my feet…they are perfect to kick off when I’m at the carpet helping my students.  I love to travel with my Calou clogs, get dressed up with my high heel Calou’s.  Calou’s have such a comfy soft bendable sole, beautiful leather and a modern/classic design upholding the design of the traditional Swedish clog…absolute perfection!

 Do you have any suggestion or desires for us to consider?

 Keep doing what you do…your products are gorgeous!  The design, the comfort and the modern look complimenting a traditional shoe. I have loved wearing Swedish clogs since 1965. Since I discovered Calou non wood clogs in 2012 I will continue to wear Calou’s as my shoe of choice!  

Only suggestion would be a inside/house clog that is a slipper….then I really could wear Calou’s all day! Well done! Thank you for the gift of beautiful shoes…timeless pieces of art….beautiful footwear!

Love Ellen Petersson