How to take care of your clogs

Calou is more than just a shoe brand, it's a lifestyle and a tribute to Swedish craftsmanship. Our handmade clogs combine style, comfort, and quality, designed to brighten your days and nights. But, like anything of value in life, your beautiful clogs also require a touch of care.

Here is your guide to keeping your Calou clogs in top condition, season after season.

Essential shoe care products

It's not just the design and material that make a Calou clog unique. It's also how well you take care of them. In our webshop, you'll find all the shoe care products we recommend to keep your clogs in prime condition. We have carefully selected these products so you can be confident in your choice and minimize environmental impact.

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Step-by-step: Care tips for your clogs

Prepare the surface: Before you start any treatment, wipe off your clogs with a damp cloth. If your shoes are extra dirty, you can use foam cleaner to enhance the cleaning effect. This step is essential for preparing the surface for the following steps.

Cleaning: Use circular motions with the cloth to really get at those ingrained stains and dirt. This is the heart of the cleaning process; a well-executed job here works wonders for the end result.

Drying: Let your clogs dry completely before moving on. This essential pause allows the material time to recover and prepares it for further treatment.

Special treatment for suede and nubuck: Do you have shoes in suede or nubuck? Use a cleaning stone to remove stains and then use a dry brush to brush off dirt and dust. This helps maintain the material's unique texture and luster.

Impregnation: As a final step, spray your clogs with waterproofing spray. We recommend a spray without fluorocarbon to let the leather breathe and to ensure your shoes can withstand water, dirt, and stains over time. Then let the clog dry for 24 hours.

Note: Always do a test spray on a hidden area first to ensure that the product does not affect the color or material negatively.

Take care of your clogs regularly, and you will experience the joy of perfect comfort and style for a long time to come.

FAQ about clog care

How often should I clean my clogs?

It depends on how often and in what environments you use your clogs. However, a good rule of thumb is that thorough cleaning once a month is recommended to keep the shoes in the best condition.

Can I use regular shoe care products?

Although it may be tempting to use other products, we recommend that you stick to the products we have handpicked and offer in our webshop. These products have been tested to provide the best possible results and are environmentally friendly.

Are your shoe care products eco-friendly?

Absolutely, we have chosen to offer only water-based products in our webshop to minimize both our and your environmental impact.

Can I use waterproofing spray on all types of materials?

Our recommended waterproofing spray is designed to fit all the materials we use in our clogs. However, it's always good to do a test spray on a discreet area first.


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