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What is the best thing about your women's boots?

The best thing about our women's boots, besides being stylish, is that they are so soft and comfortable to wear. Our soft boots have become one of our top sellers in Sweden, Europe, and the USA. The women's boots are available with high heels and low heels. We make boots with high shafts and low shafts, with zippers, laces, or elastic, to make the shoes easy to take on and off. The clog boots come in a variety of colors and models with a round or square toe. It's impossible to choose a favorite shoe - we love them all!

Why are your shoes and boots so comfortable?

All of our shoes, sandals, and boots are handmade from carefully selected high-quality leather. Leather is an excellent material to use in shoes because it is soft and malleable, but also durable over time. Leather shoes age beautifully and are a delight for both the eyes and feet, as they have the ability to mold to your foot for a perfect fit just for you. Additionally, our soles are not made of wood but of soft, flexible PU, which provides soft shoes and boots that are very comfortable to wear.

Why do you use leather in your clogs and boots?

Leather has a unique ability to mold to your foot, it breathes in a way that is unique to organic materials and is difficult to replicate in synthetic forms. Our leather is carefully chosen to last long and age beautifully.