How to take care of your shoes.

Calous soft clogs are all handmade in highest quality materials, with timeless, classic clogdesign. In order for your clogs and boots to last longer, it´s important to take care of them in the best way. In our webshop you´ll find shoe care products that we recommend for best results.

Wipe your clogs with a damp cloth, then spray the cloth with cleansing formula. Use circular motions to get rid of stains and dirt. Let clogs to dry.

 To remove stains on suede and nubuck clogstyles, use a cleaning stone. Then brush off all visible dirt with a dry brush for best results.

 Finish by spraying the entire clogshoe with water proof formula, to keep them safe from water, dirt and stains. We recommend products without fluorocarbon, that allows the skin to breathe. For best effect - let your clogs dry for 24 hours. Always test spraying on a hidden place.

 All shoe care products, available in our webshop, are water based environmental friendly.

 Take care of your clogshoes and boots regularly and we promise that you can keep them for a long time!