Discover the benefits of Calou Swedish Clogs

All our shoes have a soft and shock-absorbing sole in polyurethane which makes them
much more comfortable than a
traditional wooden soled clog. You can happily wear them all day long even if you work on your feet!
Timeless Swedish clogs designed in Stockholm, handmade in Italy and Portugal.


Clogs have an old tradition in
Sweden. Maybe you associate them with Swedish summer, dancing around the midsummer pole, rural environments and red cottages? Not entirely wrong, this is where we got the inspiration for our clogs!
Our idea is to design soft clogs, clog boots and clog sandals in a new modern twist based on old traditions. The uniqueness is our soft, bendable PU sole, which looks like wood but is much more comfortable to use than a traditional, hard wooden sole. In this way, we have adapted our shoes to today's challenges and demands for comfort. Calou makes shoes that last longer, so you will not have to buy a new pair because you have worn out
your old ones, however, you may want more of them when you´ve discovered how comfortable they are. Our Swedish clogs and boots have become an international success, which we are very happy and proud of.

Dolores Black Mary Jane Clog

I am teacher who has to walk multiple miles each day. I wanted
shoes that were comfortable but still presentable for class. These shoes are perfect! The leather is very soft, so there was no break-in time, and the cushioned sole is supportive and comfortable. I wear my clogs all day without
pain. I get lots of compliments on the style! They look great with dresses and jeans. I found the clogs true to size; I am a size 36.5, and I ordered the 37.
They are slightly roomy but still fit on the tightest hole in the strap. Additionally,
my clogs arrived extremely quickly, despite being shipped from Sweden to the
United States. Customer service
is excellent as well.

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Tyra Brown Slingback Clog

I've worn clogs for decades, mostly wooden. It takes a special shoe to make
it into my favorites if it's not a crazy-cool wooden-sole clog. These are IT!
They look so so good, the feel so comfortable all day long, and it really looks
like a wooden platform. I've already got my eye on boots for this winter.

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Molly Boot Pearlgrey ll

Many platform clogs clunk when you take a step due to the back heel hitting
the ground. Calou boots are designed with a slight curve on the back of the
heel and also the front tip, giving them a smooth touchdown and take off.
That's good design. The cushioned sole makes the boots super comfortable to
wear. Of course, all this would be nothing if they didn't look so damn good!!
Of all the clog shoe/boot companies out there, this is the best one. I know, I
buy from all of them.

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