Discover the benefits of Calou Swedish Clogs

All our shoes have a soft and shock-absorbing sole in polyurethane which makes them
much more comfortable than a
traditional wooden soled clog. You can happily wear them all day long even if you work on your feet!
Timeless Swedish clogs designed in Stockholm, handmade in Italy and Portugal.


The secret is in the soles

Traditional clogs are made with wooden
soles, which, by nature, are hard and inflexible. Sure, they look great, but
spend all day in them, and your feet will not thank you.

The Calou sole is different. Our clogs and
boots feature a flexible, shock-absorbing sole and a contoured footbed that
provides excellent support for your feet. They have the look of a traditional clog,
but you can happily wear them all day long, even if you work on your feet.

Annika beige leather clog Calou Stockholm Annika Beige - clogs

These are very unique, comfortable and true to size. I also can't believe how fast the delivery was and how helpful customer service was! I live in the US but am half Swedish. It was very exciting to get a package from Sweden. I will definitely buy again!

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Penny black leather clog on model calou stockholm Penny Black

Unbelievably comfortable right out of the box! Quailing seems superb! Most shoes of this style are too narrow for me. I never wear a wide shoe, but I’m on the wider side of normal, and these are perfection! The height adds just a little something to casual outfits, but also works a little more dressed up with sundresses! Well worth the price!

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Iwa black leather Mary Jane shoe calou stockholm Iwa Black

Many platform clogs clunk when you take a step due to the back heel hitting
the ground. Calou boots are designed with a slight curve on the back of the
heel and also the front tip, giving them a smooth touchdown and take off.
That's good design. The cushioned sole makes the boots super comfortable to
wear. Of course, all this would be nothing if they didn't look so damn good!!
Of all the clog shoe/boot companies out there, this is the best one. I know, I
buy from all of them.

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