Lisa Rose motif clog on modelLisa flower leather clog

Lisa Rose

2 310 kr
Frida RoseFrida Rose

Frida Rose

1 859 kr
Blenda PinkBlenda pink leather clog

Blenda Pink

2 189 kr
Blenda BlackBlenda black leather clog

Blenda Black

2 189 kr
Blenda GreenBlenda Green

Blenda Green

2 189 kr
Becka BlackBecka black leather clog sandal calou stockholm

Becka Black

2 189 kr
Becka PlumBecka plum leather clog sandal calou stockholm

Becka Plum

2 189 kr
Becka BrownBecka Brown

Becka Brown

2 189 kr
Tindra BeigeTindra Beige

Tindra Beige

1 925 kr
Tindra BlackTindra Black

Tindra Black

1 925 kr
Lisa Green Clogs Calou StockholmLisa green leather clog on model calou stockholm

Lisa Green

1 749 kr
Calou Lisa Yellow ClogsLisa yellow leather clog an model calou stockholm

Lisa Yellow

1 749 kr
Lisa Purple Clogs Calou StockholmLisa pink leather clog on model calou stockholm

Lisa Purple

1 749 kr
zebra printed leather clog on carpetLisa zebra leather clog

Lisa Zebra

1 969 kr
Lisa BlackLisa black leather clog

Lisa Black

1 749 kr
Lisa BrownLisa brown leather clog

Lisa Brown

1 749 kr
Lisa blue leather soft clogLisa blue clog on model

Lisa Blue

1 969 kr
Tyra BlackTyra black leather clog calou stockholm

Tyra Black

2 189 kr
Tyra BrownTyra brown leather clog calou stockholm

Tyra Brown

2 189 kr
Tyra GreenTyra green leather clog Calou Stockholm

Tyra Green

2 475 kr
Tyra Clog Snake BurgundyTyra Clog Snake Burgundy
Sold out

Tyra Clog Snake Burgundy

1 749 kr 2 189 kr
Astrid BrownAstrid Brown

Astrid Brown

1 749 kr
Astrid black leather clog on model Calou stockholmAstrid black leather clog Calou

Astrid Black

1 749 kr
Astrid plum leather clog Calou StockholmAstrid Plum

Astrid Plum

1 749 kr
Astrid RedAstrid Red

Astrid Red

1 749 kr
Astrid green leather clog on modelAstrid  Green

Astrid Green

1 749 kr
Bea BlackBea black leather shoe

Bea Black

2 585 kr
Bea red leather clog CalouBea red leather clog on model Calou Stockholm

Bea Red

2 739 kr
Bea BrownBea brown leather clog calou stockholm

Bea Brown

2 849 kr
Iwa BlackIwa black leather Mary Jane shoe calou stockholm

Iwa Black

2 629 kr
Iwa BrandyIwa brown leather mary jane  clog calou stockholm

Iwa Brandy

2 629 kr
Frida StoneFrida Stone

Frida Stone

1 705 kr
Sonja blue leather clog on pierSonja blue leather clog

Sonja Blue

2 475 kr
Sonja RedSonja red leather clog

Sonja Red

2 475 kr
Nova BlackNova Black

Nova Black

1 859 kr
Nova green leather clog sandal Calou StockholmNova green leather clog on model calou stockholm

Nova Green

1 859 kr
Nova BrownNova brown leather clog

Nova Brown

1 859 kr

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Do you have clogs with high heels?

Of course! With us, you'll find stylish clogs with open or closed toes, ankle boots and high or low shaft boots, as well as clogs with high heels and shoes with low heels, work shoes, and clog sandals - all with the same soft sole! Clogs never go out of style and can be varied endlessly, which is why we find it so fun and inspiring to work with clogs. Our ideas never run out, and we're constantly developing new shoe models and boots for both work and leisure, parties and everyday wear.

Can you wear clogs with high heels to a party?

Absolutely, clogs are suitable for all occasions! Additionally, our high-heeled clogs are so soft and comfortable that you won't even get sore feet, even after a whole night on the dance floor. This also applies to our comfortable boots, which are perfect for both work and parties. Our interest in trends and design ensures that you can feel confident that you will get a pair of stylish shoes that feel right for any occasion. Vary your wardrobe with ankle boots, clogs with heels, or a pair of nice clog sandals for the summer party. Several of our work shoes are also nice to wear with dresses and skirts.