Discover the benefits of Calou Swedish Clogs!

All our shoes have a soft and shock-absorbing sole in polyurethane which makes them
much more comfortable than a
traditional wooden soled clog. You can happily wear them all day long even if you work on your feet!
Timeless Swedish clogs designed in Stockholm, handmade in Italy and Portugal.


Clogs have an old tradition in
Sweden. Maybe you associate them with Swedish summer, dancing around the midsummer pole, rural environments and red cottages? Not entirely wrong, this is where we got the inspiration for our clogs!
Our idea is to design Swedish clogs, clog boots and clog sandals in a new modern twist based on old traditions. The uniqueness is our soft, bendable PU sole, which looks like wood but is much more comfortable to use than a traditional, hard wooden sole. In this way, we have adapted our shoes to today's challenges and demands for comfort. Calou makes shoes that last longer, so you will not have to buy a new pair because you have worn out
your old ones, however, you may want more of them when you´ve discovered how comfortable they are. Our Swedish clogs and boots have become an international success, which we are very happy and proud of.

Doris Boot Brandy Doris Boot Brandy

An investment shoe, but oh so worth it. Style and comfort are matched. So easy and natural to wear. Highly recommend!

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Lisa Blue Lisa Blue

I've worn clogs for decades, mostly wooden. It takes a special shoe to make
it into my favorites if it's not a crazy-cool wooden-sole clog. These are IT!
They look so so good, the feel so comfortable all day long, and it really looks
like a wooden platform. I've already got my eye on boots for this winter.

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Greta Boot Black Greta Boot Black

They look very stylish and are really comfortable as all Calou shoes. I'm satisfied, they're worth every cent!

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