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Do you also sell work shoes?

Yes, we have developed a series of soft clogs inspired by the traditional wooden clogs specifically for those who want to use them at work. Our work shoes have a low, quiet, and soft PU sole that is not slippery. The insole is anatomically designed so that you don't get tired feet, even if you walk and stand a lot. Some of our models have a white sole to suit those who work in healthcare, for example. The leather is sometimes covered with a durable layer of PU to resist stains and moisture, making them easier to wipe clean. Our wooden clogs are both stylish, comfortable, and functional no matter where you work.

Where do your work shoes fit best?

The hope is that our soft work shoes will fit wherever you work indoors. Today, many in healthcare work in clogs and we feel that there has been a lack of stylish work shoes that are also comfortable and functional. We want to fill that gap with our comfortable work clogs! You should feel both comfortable and stylish when doing your job. Our clogs with rubber soles can withstand tough challenges and last longer. They are just as suitable in the office as for those working in healthcare, childcare, salons, or similar.

Can I work in all your shoes?

Our work shoes have certain features that make them suitable for working in, such as a treated surface so that you can keep them clean and fresh, for example. But maybe you work in an office or a store and don't need these features, and then our regular soft clogs are of course excellent for work. Our clogs with high soft heels are much more comfortable for a long day than high-heeled shoes with hard soles. We highly recommend our clogs when you have high demands for comfort.