In 2005, I was working in Italy on a new jewellery collection. Sitting at my work bench in my beloved Swedish clogs, I suddenly got an idea.

With their characteristic design and traditional craftsmanship, the clogs suddenly felt exotic and full of possibilities. Back then, I didn’t realise how right in time I was.

My way of designing clogs, using new materials and techniques, embossing the leather, and producing different styles and colours became a real success, and Calou Stockholm developed into an international shoe company.

What really sets us apart, though, and keeps our customers coming back for more, is our shock-absorbing and flexible sole. This makes our clogs and boots much softer, lighter and more comfortable than a traditional wooden-soled clog.

Today, I design our collections from our base in Stockholm, and each shoe is hand-made in Italy or Portugal from carefully chosen materials. Calou is very much a family business, run together with a wonderful, talented team who help us on our exciting journey.

We are all proud to carry on the Swedish craft tradition!


Warm Regards,
Carina & Mats Ek Werderitsch