How to be sustainable

Our concept is to produce shoes that are really comfy and that last. Swedish Clogs have been around for over 100 years and they´re still here. It seems that they never go out of style, just changes a bit from year to another. We want to make clogs that last both in style and materials. We choose leather because it has unique qualities for making shoes. It´s strong and flexible, it breathes and will stretch to the shape of your feet. It´s also very resistant to wear and tear.

 Take good care of your Calous, and they will last a long time!

All leather used by Calou comes from tanneries audited for their environmental work by the Leather Working Group, LWG, an international organization working to improve environmental performance in the leather industry. They do this by auditing tanneries to check if they are working according to best practices in the industry. And we only use leather from animals that have been bred for meat production, ensuring our impact on the environment remains minimal.

By choosing good materials and production methods we take responsibility for environment and sustainability.

When you buy a pair of Calous, we are here to help you find the correct size, to give you some style advice and to give tips about how to take care of your shoes. All in order to make you happy and to reduce the environmental impact that comes with return shipping.

 You are always welcome to speak to us by phone, mail or on social media! 

 Happy thoughts,

Carina Ek Werderitsch, founder

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