The secret is in the soles

Traditional clogs are made with wooden soles, which, by nature, are hard and inflexible. Sure, they look great, but spend all day in them, and your feet will not thank you.
The Calou sole is different. Our clogs and boots feature a flexible, shock-absorbing sole and a contoured footbed that provides excellent support for your feet. They have the look of a traditional clog, but you can happily wear them all day long, even if you work on your feet.

Here's why Calou clogs are different

All day comfort, with a flexible cushioned sole

1. All day comfort, with a flexible cushioned sole

Calou’s signature soles are made from cushioned polyurethane, the same material used in many sneakers. They are lightweight and flex as you walk, so you get the look of a traditional wooden clog without the rigid sole.

Designed for healthy feet

2. Designed for healthy feet

Beyond their stylish appearance, Calou shoes are thoughtfully designed to reduce pressure on your feet, knees, hips, and back. The shock-absorbing soles and padded anatomical footbed means you can wear them all day without compromising the health and comfort of your feet.

Swedish design, Italian quality

3. Swedish design, Italian quality

Each pair of Calou shoes is a product of meticulous Swedish design and Italian artistry. We select only the finest leathers, and every shoe is designed at our studio in Stockholm and handcrafted in Italy or Portugal.

Sustainable materials

4. Sustainable materials

All our materials are REACH compliant, and our leathers are tanned at an LWG-certified partner. This ensures that our clogs and boots meet the highest standards of quality and eco-friendliness.

Innovation inspired by Swedish tradition

5. Innovation inspired by Swedish tradition

Drawing on the rich tradition of Swedish clogs, Calou pays homage to the classic form while offering a modern twist. Our shoes and boots strike the perfect balance between tradition, style and comfort.

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