Tara Olive sisä- ja ulkotiloissa SlipperTara Olive sisä- ja ulkotiloissa Slipper
Git Leo print-SlipperGit Leo print-Slipper

Git Leo print-Slipper

€110,00 €159,00
Tara Pink sisä- & ulkotiloissa SlipperTara Pink sisä- & ulkotiloissa Slipper
Tara Cream ulkona ja sisällä SlipperTara Cream ulkona ja sisällä Slipper
Git- Home-tossutGit- Home-tossut

Git- Home-tossut

€105,00 €149,00

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Do you sell wooden clogs sandals?

In addition to our classic clogs with high and low soles, we also sell clog sandals. The sandals have the same soft sole as our other models and all sandals are made of breathable leather, which is a must for your feet to feel good on warm summer days. You will find comfortable slip-ins in our range and also sandals with straps and buckles so that you can adjust them for the best fit. The fine details make the shoes suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Do you also make slippers?

We are pleased to offer you as a customer a series of luxurious leather slippers with divinely soft, padded soles. Leather slippers are the best thing you can give your feet. Because the natural material breathes, you won't get too cold or too hot in our comfortable slippers. In addition, we have worked extra on the design to make the slippers feel both stylish and trendy, and suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. We have also updated some models with a durable rubber sole, so you can use your slippers both indoors and outdoors during the summer.